Will you board the flight if 49% engineers say NO? Parliament process flawed?



Will you board the flight if 49% of the engineers have apprehensions about its flight safety?

But in our parliament while 49% of the total members object the bill, the same still gets passed? Wondering what was the reasoning behind adopting such a practice? Shouldn’t there be 100% consensus instead…?


Are initiations flawless? Should they be namesake?

Until the last line in the Veda, Quran, Bible, Torah, Buddhism or any religious scripture in the world is *read and understood* would it be right if one say “I have accepted or rejected that faith”? Without understanding a faith completely isn’t one actually lying if one says “I have accepted or rejected that faith”? And without having read all the texts can a perfect choice made at-least?

Is astrology practical? Birth of Astrology


Is astrology practical? Do seasons control human behavior? Are seasons controlled by earth’s celestial position? So can human behavior be predicted by looking at the earth’s celestial position i.e. looking at the stars’ position? 

In the older days when there was no electricity people should have been watching the sky very clearly… they obviously would have noticed when certain stars would arrive rains would start, summer would start, winter would start… and so on… soon they would have realized those stars controlled their day to day life. 

Obviously they would have eagerly waited to see the arrival of those stars those that brought in their favorite days. 

Are humans prepared for everything? Even unforeseen Migrations?


Are humans prepared for everything? The land mass keeps shifting, the rivers dry, while the sea uncovers new lands, sea also destroys older heritages. Humans are made to leave their homes endlessly. How prepared are everyone today? Are we ready to go to newer places and accept newer lands while we loose ours? Yes Ofcourse… what else should we do??? But is our acceptance to people coming from other lands equally acceptable?

Feeling echos: Are we often echoed with those related feelings?


Feeling echos: we often ask ourselves if everything is GOD produced why do we get a cloud of thoughts (solutions) and not the apt solution for the problem in concern? It is because everything around us are echos of feelings those that were 100% right for some other context in the past? We are often echoed with those related feelings?

It appears like… all virtues were created by him … but later those become vices while anxious soul tries to use those for unrelated contexts.

Is there one feeling in nature that is not important?

FAQ: Is it necessary to get married?


FAQ: Is it necessary to get married? to answer this question we need to just think “what if there was no marriage?”… 1. A child born would not know who’s its father. 2. The responsibility of raising the child will completely get shifted to the mother. 3. The children will be raised with less affection as women will find it very tough bringing them up. Hard times for women without marriage.

What is good and evil?

While when I ask myself why I left many heinous ways of life and why I keep leaving many more… the answer I get is my experience of hard-times. Those hard-times made me realize what I should not be doing to others.

What if there is a complete non experience of hard-times? Would we still give up the heinous practices? Why otherwise would we realize what we should not be doing to others?

Why do bad people exist? its Because they are stuck!

Why do bad people exist? Because they are stuck with experiencing the good experience/happiness in their bad way. If they knew to experience the same good experience/happiness the good way without putting any extra effort, they wouldn’t continue with the bad.

Am I a good person?
No not at all… not entirely at-least… I am still stuck into making many mistakes and I am not finding my way out. And at places where I have found ways, I do not know at the moment how to reach there.