Evaluating the Search Quality Rating

To become a good SEO, I started going across lot of places. After going across lot of places I have finally reached Search Quality Rating pdf document. I do not know as of now how important this guideline is from a ranking perspective, but then if Google is evaluating websites using this guideline, I see no reasons to not have them as ranking factors under the list of probably ranking factors.

Apart from the usual take of the way things are, I always do a serious study of things pertaining to whether they are also perfect objectively. While I am going across this Search Quality Rating Guidelines, I will be obviously doing the same with it as well.

Is this both good and bad?
I guess. The good is, it is practically not possible, to set an algorithm, without living beings  practically experiencing. So, evaluations are necessary.

The bad is, a living being has biases to overcome. Which perhaps means, if a bad input is provided by multiple biased people during evaluation, the same may reach the algorithm.

But then I guess there is no other way out. I guess the search engine developers will have certainly considered such factors. If they have not then there is a room for a competition to explore.

For obvious reasons we at Seashell don’t leak out our SEO strategies publicly. If you need to know what we found, you may reach at sup…@seashell.co.in (we meant to say support).

copied from: https://seashell.co.in/blog/evaluating-the-search-quality-guidelines/


Published by Ganesh J. Acharya

A SEO strategist with over 15 years of experience, Founder of Seashell (An Online Advertising and Marketing establishment). Provide SEO, PPC, LPO, Web Analytics, UX-UI consulting services. Website: http://seashell.co.in

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