While scriptures are written to address average problems there are exceptional situations as well mentioned in the scriptures itself. “Only Visesha dharma has to be used under exceptional cases. But it should be dharma and not to suit one’s own convenience.” (Quoted by an expert). This is because at times the exceptional action required could be exactly opposite to the average action. Using standard practices during these times is Adharma. E.g. If while disbursing benefits inside a family it has to be starting from the weak to the strong … so it will start from Parents, Children, Wife and One Self… but in exceptional cases it would differ. While the child is an infant who is breast feeding during scarcity of food wife needs to be fed first as she would then need to feed milk to the infant. During such times if you feed aged parents because it is mentioned in the scriptures will amount to Adharma since the child who is the weakest could die on not feeding the wife.