If is an often occurring question.

Ans: As per the Vedic texts neither GOD was ever born, neither we were ever born.

Going by Logic: Has science till date able to prove during what time were we actually born? Were we born while we came out of our mother’s body? Certainly not… How to determine the exact time of our birth?

While we have not proved ourselves and the same looks indeterminate, how can we prove GOD? Again do we not accept our existence even while it cannot be proved? &just because we are beyond reasoning do we cease to exist? 

Where are we inside our body?
1. Eyes?
2. Head?
3. Somewhere else?

Why not us determine the birth and existence of our own self first, which is much nearer to ourselves, then trying to determine GOD’s birth? If we know methods to find ourselves only then we think about scientifically finding GOD?