Shouldn’t we be completely selfish? i.e. We should be so selfish that we need to calculate what we get today, tomorrow and the days after that… and act accordingly… When we just think about today, it is not being selfish… but it’s being shortsighted

I at first did not help people and tried to keep everything for self… soon I realized its down side… people did not help me back finding me selfish. So I jumped to the next mode of selfishness… i.e. I started to help people expecting help in return…. but I saw even then some people did not help me in return. I saw even that did not gain me happiness… as when ever I expected I did not get things in return… and that made me sad… finally I became selfish to a fuller extent… I stopped expecting …. and relish happiness in what ever I get without expecting…. now I don’t become unhappy and now realize the fruits of being fully selfish … i.e. I reached the state of selflessness being only on being fuller and fuller selfish i.e. when I realized happiness is attained only on being selfless. Because out of my past experiences now I know whenever I become selfish and expect in return… it will only lead me to unhappiness… Again on carefully seeing when I become fully selfish… i.e. ensured 100% happiness… I automatically become unselfish as well.

Only on being selfless to a large extent we can remain happy for sure. We always will have days where we need to depend on others… and to ensure we are reciprocated during our bad times, we need to help people. The more number of people helped the more probable we will be reciprocated during our time of need. And even during these hard times not expecting reciprocation is always wise… because when one does not expect why would one become sad via the non-reciprocation?