• Sachin Kutty Pain is very necessary for ones overall development
    • Ganesh J. Acharya Pain is very necessary… or we would have bit our tongue, and would have lost our body parts slowly and steadily… these relevant pains keeps us unharmed as we put efforts towards protecting ourselves.
  • Dhiraj Kunder It’s the principle of duality. Without one the other could not exist. Good-Bad, Light-Dark, Hot-Cold, Pain-Pleasure
  • Steve Duncan Humans define their world by contrast. Without pain, there would be no joy. Without pain, we would not learn from our mistakes.
    • Ganesh J. Acharya Pain is a unpleasant feeling that stops us from letting others harm us. If there was no pain we would have probably not minded being harmed. Our body parts would have been eaten up, broken down and we would **not have personally cared for the same.
  • Vam186 World would be dead, or there would be no world. Pain is a sensation you have, a signal for the brain to tell you there is danger or something is wrong would die without it. Would not know if you had a stomach pain, heart attack, getting burnt. Would not know that falling from a height would kill you as you would feel no pain.