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Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Looking at the ancient texts it is apparent such is possible. Humans could have created anti gravity floats at various layers to support human population explosion or some other Nobler ways if Noble in thought. But instead thought of the crooked way of elimination via abortion etc. Why would these thoughts strike while thinking crooked works?

A documentary in History channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwGWKj3GPWI

When I want to do something good I realize I need to go till “X” place. But when I start to go to “X” place I realize I will have to get up and walk, but when I have to walk I realize I have to stamp on living beings those I cannot see. Then I will have to drive the car till that point. While I drive the car a lot of even seen living beings will be crushed underneath it. So, then the question comes… is it more important to save all these living beings those that will die for the good cause more important, or is this good cause more important.

E.g. Dharma Raj Yudhishthira’s Chariot floated in air? Why is it that his chariot floated?

Throughout ancient text humans knowing to levitate is also cited but currently its “Necessity” isn’t felt?