The best part I liked about these verses are… the Vedic Rishi’s don’t think ill about the people who try to enslave them… they don’t ask for the death or injury of their en-slavers but only have asked LORD to destroy their power. Also they don’t treat the aliens and their akin differently. 

O resplendent Lord, 
Destroy the power of the man 
Who wants to enslave us 
Whether he is alien or akin, 
No matter, if his strength 
Is as vast as the sky; 
Break the ropes 
Fastened unto his bows. – Rig Veda 10/133/5

yo na indrābhidāsati sanābhiryaśca niṣṭyaḥ | 
ava tasyabalaṃ tira mahīva dyauradha tmanā nabhantāmanyakeṣāṃjyākā adhi dhanvasu || – Rig Veda 10/133/5

यो न इन्द्राभिदासति सनाभिर्यश्च निष्ट्यः | 
अव तस्यबलं तिर महीव दयौरध तमना नभन्तामन्यकेषांज्याका अधि धन्वसु || – Rig Veda 10/133/5