Vastu Science, Building Architecture of Sthapatya Veda, Traditional Indian and Sacred World Architecture July 20 – August 25, 2013, SIVA™ – Society of International Vaastu Architecture, AUM Science and Technology, and Vaastu Vedic Research Foundation, Chennai, India

What You Will Learn 

  1. The ancient mysteries governing the science of architecture
    (Sthapatya Veda and Vaastu Shastras) used to build King
    Solomon’s temple, the Great Pyramids, the Mayan and Aztec
    temples, Machu Picchu, the great and potent temples of India, and
    thousands of ancient and modern houses around the world – all
    vibrant forms which bring inner peace and spiritual bliss to visitors
    and inhabitants
  2. The authentic ancient teachings of the world’s most eminent
    Vastu/Vaastu Architect and sculptor passed down for thousands of
    years through his lineage.
  3. Experience with working on an authentic Vaastu structure
  4. The mechanics of creation from unmanifest (Vastu) to manifest
    (Vaastu) – the formation from Absolute Space and Absolute Time,
    OM light, OM sound, and the five elements – space, air, fire,
    water, and earth from their subtle to their gross states
  5. The application of the mechanics of creation (laws of nature) to
    land/site selection, soil assessment, proper orientation of
    buildings, Ayadi calculation (specific units of measure used in
    Vaastu), building design and construction principles (including
    positioning of buildings on land, the secrets of the correct measure
    used in a properly built Vaastu building, positioning of doors,
    windows, walls, etc.).
  6. The scientific significance and calculation of the open space in the
    center of the building (Brahmasthan) and the building.
  7. The positive and negative effects of structures on the health, wellbeing, and bliss of the dweller
  8. The application of modern physics to the mechanics of Vastureva
    Vaastu (energy transforming into matter or Consciousness
    manifesting itself as the material world).
  9. And much more!

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