Everyone is busy trying to find whether pornban stops rape…. but is it being selfish? BTW who’s mother, who’s sister, who’s daughter, and who’s wife do you want to see in the film? Is it alright to expect someone’s sister, daughter, wife… mother in the film? Is that alright? Would anyone want their own loved ones into these films? No! it seems beyond imagination to even think so… so why expect the same from anyone else’s sister, daughter, wife?… Is it a decent expectation at the first place?… Identifying whether pornban stops rape is secondary? …

A ban worldwide would keep these helpless needy, misguided women away from this profession? They would try something else to earn their living? Don’t you want that?

As one sows one reaps… one reason why rape results is pornography!!

Please study the research titled “Pornography Viewing among Fraternity Men: Effects on Bystander Intervention, Rape Myth Acceptance and Behavioral Intent to Commit Sexual Assault” It clearly quotes “The present study surveyed 62% of the fraternity population at a Midwestern public university on their pornography viewing habits, bystander efficacy, and bystander willingness to help in potential Rape situations. Results showed that men who view pornography are significantly less likely to intervene as a bystander, report an increased behavioral intent to Rape, and are more likely to believe Rape myths.”

To advocates of porn culture

Ones who are advising porn and open culture, are you ready to start the same from your own house? Which members of your house are you ready to see in the porn film? What is going to be your attitude on seeing your own house members in the same? If you cannot imagine your house members and find that offending, what right do you to advice the same to others and expect others to oblige? Allowing porn = Allowing its demand = Allowing low minded (ones who are ready to earn money by whatsoever means) businessmen seeing this opportunity = Allowing more and more women enter this market to fulfill this demand. This will eventually become a demand and supply issue! Are women/men about demand and supply, are they a commodity? What culture are you promoting and do you realize the after effects? To end with are you accepting and want to see others acting in the film and want to enjoy, are you ready when it is your own house members in the film? If no! do you have the rights to advice this?