How much can reducing 1 unnecessary alphabet per day by every one impact global reserves?

I did a quick research for numbers from places around the web…

How much can reducing 1 unnecessary alphabet/character per day by everyone impact global reserves just by credible authors?

  1. Each book has an average 500,000 letters
  2. Titles published per year 2,200,000 by credible authors alone
  3. One character removed from 2,200,000 Titles will save 2,200,000 characters.
  4. Removing 1 unnecessary alphabet by credible authors alone will save printing 4 Titles worth books per year world wide.
  5. Removing 1 unnecessary alphabet by credible authors alone per day will save printing 4 x 365 Titles per year world wide = 1460 Titles worth books.
  6. Lets assume for each book on an average at least 100 copies are printed. 1460 x 100 = 146000 Books.
  7. One cord of air-dried dense hardwood yields 942 100-page, hard-cover books according to TAPPI, a paper industry trade group.
  8. So how many trees are in a cord? According to the Department of Natural Resources in Wisconsin, roughly 15 trees with a diameter of 10 inches.
  9. 1 tree makes 942 100-page, hard-cover books/15 = 63 books approx
  10. 146000 /63 = 2317 trees?

These figures are just for the credible authors. How many of us went to school? How many books each one of us used?

Remember this is the impact on reducing just 1 character. i.e. 2317 trees in just 1 year. Do we think? Don’t we need to? Was it very easy for us to reduce 1 character per day?

Wish we had a method to save and retrieve our memory from the space around us… Then no trees would have perished… No resources would have been consumed… Again unless such a technology is discovered, can we not at-least have a compulsory process in-between that reduces unnecessary jargon from books, those that are added to just increase its length?

Please Note: These are approx figures. Also, I calculated the figures in a haste so could be wrong as well