Why rape is not stopping.. Because we are taught to be inconsiderate about other’s feelings??? But where is being inconsiderate taking its birth? It takes its birth right from childhood. We are told we need to live on other living around, Yes! We are told the same! But are we told one needs to live on other living but without harming them? Every evil idea is to the core small and it then has to evolve? Do we keep telling overlook that pain of others do we? Why! just because we are getting late, Why! just because it takes more time? Why! just because it becomes easier?

“Overlook that pain baccha, itna deep nahi soochte, swaad ke mazze le?”, “Over look that pain child, not to think so deep, rejoice the taste?” Animals die, Plants die, no problem… it should not take an extra time to get the same thing? Fruits do fall from the trees, Leaves do fall from the tree naturally, flowers do fall from the plants naturally? Just that it adds to an extra time? It is all about impatience? GREED? AND THEN OVERLOOKING AND FALSE JUSTIFYING OUR ACTIONS.

Compare the two “To eat upon giving pain” and “To rape upon giving pain”…. to the core both are inconsideration? Marriage can happen and one can be 360 degree consensual about everything, but who wants to wait? Fruits, Vegetable do fall down naturally as well? But why wait? It is all about impatience? And we are impatient because we adopted that. We habitually overlook… but the question here is where did that start? Is it ingrained within to the core?

First we get the feeling of want (hunger, sex drive etc, this is natural, noting wrong in it) >>> Next we need to check for ourselves if that want is “OK” >>> how is that checked? We need to ask ourselves if it is going to be acceptable to the receiver (women, animals, plants) ”   >>> But “GREED” takes over and we “OVERLOOK”. We then write down in our books “One life has to live on another and that’s how we are made” and think this habitual overlooking is justified, and we JUSTIFY OURSELVEs and we SUPPRESS OUR GUILT, but karma (action) plays its role? Whether we knowingly step on a burning coal or unknowingly the burning coal has to burn? Not everyone rapes but the habitual overlooking due to GREED exist? As time passes other things around will be overlooked? One in Ten thousand might keep building blocks of one GREED over another GREED? as GREED is temporarily rewarding? So no matter how much one tries until the last GREED exist the problems can restart?

But we are not told one can live over the living around without harming them. It is here the problem starts. We start to live upon unconsidering the pain given. Slowly this habit evolves and takes unwanted shapes.

Quit the habit of overlooking other’s pain  (even the smallest around… Microbes included).. Promote this ahead. Not only rape, all the problems in life will disappear.

It is our habit of “overlooking” the culprit. Once that is removed Rape would not happen, all problems in life would vanish.

Think deeply about this, all problems in our life is our habit of overlooking mistakes, errors, pain. If a society of considerate people is groomed all the problems in life should vanish. Problems exist because either “we” are inconsiderate of others pain, or the others around are inconsiderate of our pain?

Microbes! Yes it is quoted it right, if one is considerate to the microbial level, and think of not harming even them, would that individual be exposed to biological warfare? Following 100% peaceful methods is a boon. If everyone around is considerate why would there be a warfare itself? Don’t get it? If we are considerate about not allowing Microbes inside your body, we will survive and we will not be effected to diseases produced out of them?

Remember every habit in us evolves. Don’t let the habit of being inconsiderate be present itself. All problems will end. Until that inconsideration exists it can always evolve and come back?


I the author am not an improved person I am just like you all there, just that I have accepted my guilt and am looking out for ways of improvement. I know it is not going to be easy to survive thinking about the microbes, plants etc but it is not impossible as well. But a start is important, and I know it can only start upon accepting a mistake. That’s the basic.

A way of farming where nets are placed below every tree to catch every falling fruit can be adopted. Better methods are always around. Only if we accept faults and really want to correct those. If to the core our habitual overlooking is to be suppressed … not only rape… all problems around will perish.