Initially, men worked in the external world being stronger and becoming stronger, and women worked in the internal world developing potential humans both to work in the external world (boys) and to work in the internal world (girls). Men took pride in their strength, and women took pride in their beauty. Men became more masculine doing work meant for them, and women became more feminine doing work meant for them. Men started becoming more handsome and women started becoming more beautiful. The problem is happening only now when this natural order is getting challenged. Women and Men need to ask themselves why the jobs meant for women start being looked down upon. Wasn’t the making potential good human a wonderful task that women had? Wonder why is this being looked down upon? Do women want men with feminine features, and men want women with masculine features? If women do men’s work wouldn’t they start becoming more masculine as time passes? Also, if women start taking men’s places wouldn’t that make jobs naturally meant for men to try something else, making men more feminine? Again these are some questions, and they could be wrong as well.

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