A living can live on another living 100% without harming that living… after this is learn … I guess the act of being inconsiderate towards others would disappear, and rape would too disappear…

Rape, Robbery, Snatching and all related diseases are to the core being inconsiderate to others…???

Where is it taking its birth? We are being told since childhood, one needs to depend on another life… but we forget we can lead a life without harming but depending at the same time.

Fruits, Leaves, Flowers, Vegetables naturally fall from tree. If the seed of that plant is removed from the fruit and ploughed back… there is no harm to the living plant and infact we help grow the plant back.

If we are habitually considerate right from our childhood days we will not Rob, Snatch, Cheat others as well. As overlooking other’s pain would disappear.

Habitually considerate people will not try to get things from someone without their permission? habitually considerate people cannot overlook other’s feelings, so cannot rape as well?