If someone hurts you, hurting back will eventually make you the same. Never go in circles. But, then there is excess energy in shape of frustration i.e. rise in blood pressure showing up due to this process of hurting which must be channelized as well. The best way to channelize this out is make note of the incident in a diary and then think of a solution to fix the same which is fixing the hurter’s habit without hurting them. A 2 step plan must be made, A. since you are now aware how this person will react to stimulus, the stimulus must be further avoided, B. and then again if another stimulus becomes necessary, an attempt to find a solution must be made. After you have made note of all of these, you will find the excess energy that had developed would by now have disappeared and an inner happiness of taking an appropriate action would show up instead…

Again… I wrote ” the stimulus must be further avoided”… it should not be entirely avoided but be avoided until an appropriate solution is not figured out. Remember ignoring the problem, is also letting the problem live for someone else to suffer.

This is a solution that I could think of, please comment and contribute.