Universe is in Void or absolute ZERO – A great possibility.

1.) Matter cannot come from void, because it is never noticed.
2.) So left is the incomprehensible “jiva” or “life” that is doing something here.
3.) We cannot create something out of void.
4.) But we can imagine matter
5.) Using hypnotism an imaginary wall can be created, and a person can be programmed to find its presence as though it is real.
6.) So, when we cannot create matter from void… we are in void.
7.) When, matter is never noticed to be forming from void, there has to be nothing but void.

These are some rational arguments… until there is a better answer.

Which means very likely we are all at the same point with 0 distance from each other (what we notice is very possibly an illusionary distance) since everything we see has to logically or rationally start from void. But rationally since matter forming from void is not possible… this universe is **very likely** in void.