GOD does not intend anything, and a part of the argument by US Senate candidate is debatable. But GOD will certainly test us humans by putting extreme examples to check our ethics and morals. Again, here a question arises with regards to the fate of the innocent child. I guess the child’s father will be sent to Jail and will be made to earn money. A part of that money earned by the criminal during the imprisonment should be good enough to look after the child. I guess the honorable court should take custody of the child and use part of the criminals earned money to look after the child, in case no one else is ready to look after the innocent. Is it right to award a death sentence to the faultless child? Here the innocent mother, her relatives, and most importantly people around the child has to show courage and set an important example. At no point of time an innocent should be punished. The society on a whole should not encourage killing innocents.