The biggest agony with “Evidence” is, the “Evidence” has to be present.

The second biggest concern with “Evidence” is, the “Evidence” has to be within our 5 senses for the people in our dimension to comprehend. That is, we have eyes, ear, nose, skin, and tongue to access this universe. If there are things those our senses cannot comprehend for us they are not present.

But, the fact can easily have a bigger domain to consider.

Ignoring all the possibilities is not science. It cannot be science. The researches are “deliberately” flawed. For the simple reason that the researchers assume at the back of their mind that “Some one can laugh”

Well if souls with higher intellect want us to get deflected from studying further possibilities, all they will need to do is, make light minded people laugh at researchers. Or, if that does not help, they could attack them by confusing people around them. There can be endless possibilities. For some reason things remain this way.