To conceive matter we require our 5 senses, without our senses the matter is absent.

For example.

  1. If we cannot see matter arising out of the sense of sight the matter is visually absent.
  2. If we cannot feel matter arising out of the sense of touch the matter cannot be touched.
  3. But still the matter can be felt via our ears from sound, if someone hits a stone we can sense the presence of a stone. But if we cannot hear, we cannot conceive the stone.
  4. Again, because we have tongue we can taste the sugar stone and still feel matter. If we cannot feel taste, matter cannot be conceived by taste.
  5. Finally, after everything thing else is absent we can still smell and feel matter. But in the end if we cannot feel smell… Matter is totally absent.

So, our five senses are very essential. But how did we acquire those senses?