But then we do not have complete true free will as well… what if we think and our body does not act? What if our body is paralyzed? So even though we have a free will, but the same is until external environment does respond to our will. But if the external environment does not respond back to our feelings it is clear that we do not have free will. And since we do not truly control our external environment, we do not have a “true free will” as well. How many have experienced “Sleep paralysis”… ? To be even precise, our Birth does not happen as per our will, our Death does not happen as per our will. What we type here is because our fingers are responding to our will. But do we truly know the inner functioning of our fingers or why they function to our will etc?

How did it all start?

What in all the below am I actually doing?

  1. As a child I felt pain (Why pain aroused?)
  2. Then I already had the intent to react (Cry? Why I had developed the intent to cry?)
  3. Then I cried (My obvious reaction also did not seem to be in my control)

In all 1,2,3 where is my free will?