1. An individual often does follow their own definition of wrong.
  2. The definition of wrong is right until the individual realizes it is wrong.
  3. The definition of wrong often depends on the individual’s social upbringing.
  4. The definition of wrong is very often an evolving one.
  5. The definition keeps evolving until the “God’s solution” is arrived.
  6. The God’s solution also evolves with time. With newer inventions older philosophies needs to evolve.
  7. We correct ourselves only when we realize we have gone through a bad situation after ignoring fore-warning/s. Until then we think what ever is wrong is right.
  8. We learn a new lesson when we undergo a bad situation. The wise often advice their lessons to others.
  9. The wiser learn from other’s lessons. While others from their own lessons.
  10. What ever it may be, for an individual who learns their wrong on their own, the wrong does not become right no matter how much other’s try teaching their lessons to this individual.
  11. Very often a stubborn individual comes up with newer and better perception while walking on their own ways. While may times even while the GOD’s solution is reached stubborn individuals do keep trying.
  12. It is easier to learn from bad situations, but what about situations where we are not punished? Here social evils like corruption give birth. People fail to see the wrongs here.