Many times it is probably the inner mind talking and pushing the human to act. The human might clearly know what is correct but still would not have found the ways to walk on the correct path. In my life… I know eating fruits is the right way… there can be 0 counter arguments on it. But, at this moment Professional Experts have advised me such an attempt can be dangerous, so I eat fruits only one time. I eat normal vegetarian food the other time. If I get a proper GUIDE I will switch to fruits 100% some day. But, if I cannot I would probably die giving a right advice to follow. Hopefully someone else in the future will be shown the way. Many people who advice but don’t walk on them could have been in such a situation. But isn’t it their duty to give the right advice as well? So they do it. You might one day find a person who might know the way to enlightenment OR a Treasure but unfortunately he/she might just be on the deathbed. The way may or may not be correct, but because the person could not achieve enlightenment OR the treasure should one ignore it? Also would it have been appropriate on part of the dying person to not inform the way, just because he/she cannot achieve the Treasure or Enlightenment?